• Blaxtair Safe

11/1/2019 Sensors - Logistics -


Blaxtair Safe

Blaxtair offers the best solutions for securing the perimeter around mobile industrial machinery and robots. Based on its exclusive technologies, ARCURE has developed lines of state-of-the-art pedestrian detection solutions suitable for every environment.

Blaxtair’s primary feature is its capacity for analyzing its environment in real time so as to avoid triggering any false alarms. It is this capacity, unique on the market, that has won over leading industrialists around the world.

Blaxtair uses both Vision and Artificial Intelligence to detect and localize pedestrians but is not yet certified SIL (Safety Integrity Level) or PL (Performance Level), which may hinder its integration in a shared industrial workspace. However, the existing standards do not cover operational safety of Machine Learning Software.

The project aims the design of evaluation procedures for the safety assessment of Blaxtair, thus contributing to the compliance assessment of intelligent sensors for industry.