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11/1/2019 palletizing - pick and place -



We have invented the Cobot Lift - a tool that boosts the payload for UR Cobots from 10kg to 25+kg. This new patented type Cobot combines the intelligence from a Cobot with the force from a vacuum tube lifter. The Cobot Lift is intended to be used for heavier palletizing and pick and place tasks.

The objective of this project is to:

1) Utilize the COVR toolkit to determine which standards and directives are relevant for this product. As the utilization of our product cut across all industries we are also investigating industry specific requirements and standards.

2) Run the test protocols to ensure no squeeze hazard, and that the force at impact is not too high. Include any learnings into product design where possible to ensure max human safety and seek to define a best practice for how to use the Cobot Lift.

3) Get input to safety validation protocols for this new type product with inclusion of one end user that already have a Cobot Lift installed.