10/31/2019 robotic manipulator - manufacturing -



CO-GUIDING aims to improve safety in assisted guiding of collaborative door assembly system (CDAS), while an operator handles the complex trajectories and finished quality and the robot take care of door weight and accuracy.

Main objectives: Improving safety of this application with human-centred approach; Industrial focus to bring collaborative robotics application close to the manufacturing stakeholders; Contribute to the safety benchmarking and standardization; Collaborate with COVR.

To achieve them CO-GUIDING will: Create a new safety validation protocol for this attractive application; Perform risk assessment by implementing ISO12100; Develop new method for risk estimation based on off the shelve wearable sensors; Perform rigorous testing at simulated environment (close to real) to validate the new safety protocol and method.

CO-GUIDING will also: Apply and validate protocols and procedures from COVR; Monitor the project with a COVR coach;