• CoSMo

10/31/2019 robotic manipulator - manufacturing -



Beskrivelse: The main target of this project is to enable system integrators to efficiently perform safety validations of potentially large numbers of cobot applications used in cooperative assembly processes.

Nowadays, a cooperative robot workstation that facilitates a flexible arrangement of modular physical components must be individually certified upon each change of the setup and assembly process, which is in contrast with the required flexibility of agile manufacturing.

In the CoSMo project, we will investigate whether the modularity of the workstation can be lifted to the certification process. For this, three exemplary assembly processes will be investigated and set-up in a modular cobot workstation.

Their safety requirements will be analyzed and a risk assessment will be carried out for each. Based on composable safety models and equivalence classes, an extended validation process for modular workstations will be developed in interaction with the COVR experts and fed back to the toolkit.