10/31/2019 rehabilitation robots - healthcare and rehabilitation -



Gable Systems, a spin-off of the University of Twente, is developing a state of art gait and balance rehabilitation robot. In the near future, this robot (Gable CORE) will be used during physical rehabilitation of stroke patients and lower limb amputees. Both therapist and patient are in close interaction with this robot. Especially the patient will experience constant physical interaction with the robotic device.

The Gable CORE fits in an emerging trend of robots which are moving out of closed or contained environments, into environments also freely accessible to humans. Robot safety is one of the main concerns to address for these kind of systems. Current regulatory frameworks do not (properly) address physical human robot interaction, creating many market barriers.

In this Award project, an inherently safe human robot interaction control architecture will be developed together with validation protocols. Both will be applied to the Gable CORE enabling a faster market entry.