9/12/2019 robotic manipulator - logistics -



In the development of a mobile item picking robot, we are integrating a cobot arm on an agv. Both rely on their own safety control system, covered through dedicated norms.

The safety of a (static) cobot is highly relying on the environment (no sharp objects, floor markings, etc), but in our mobile item picker we have only limited control over the environment. Safety of the agv relies on its safety distance sensors, but in our application the size of the robot is dynamically changing with the movement of the robot arm outside of the agv platform.

The cobot is designed to physically interact with its environment, but the agv is designed to keep a safe distance from detected obstacles. To achieve efficient operation, cobot and agv will move together, resulting in a conflicting situation between both safety systems.

In this project we will list and address all related safety issues, in order to realize a safe system, validated in the operational warehouse of a launching customer.