11/1/2019 mobile robots - cobots in public space -



Robots are now a reality in public spaces. To spread the market of cobots suitable for application in public space (unstructured environment), the risk mitigation connected with safety aspects is essential and, to date, still remains partially solved only by reducing their mobility thus their added value.

The market is asking for a safe solution for unmonitored navigation in non-structured environments and it is a limitation for large scale deployments.

Nowadays, robots in public environments are limited to static displays without mobility as there is no guarantees of common safety framework.

Mobility is exactly what separates robotics to the rest and a framework for safe navigation is critical. Without it, demonstrating the added value of robots in unmonitored public environments ins impossible.

This award aims at contributing in the safety validation of cobots in crowded spaces, operating in close proximity with people and targeting the core of what makes mobile robots unique.