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10/31/2019 robotic manipulator - manufacturing -



MRK-Systeme GmbH is developing an innovative safety sensor system for robots based on capacive, proximity sensors mounted on the robot.

The system will detect human co-workers in the shared working space and stop the robot before it will come into contact with the co-worker. The sensor system is designed to fullfill performance level PL=d, cat. 3 refering to EN ISO 13849 so that it can be used in robot applications without limitations.

A crucial point for human robot collaboration to be cost-effective is maximizing the velocity of the robot. The velocity, on the other hand, depends on when a human will be detected and how long it takes to stop the robot. Simply put, the greater the detection range of the sensor, the faster the robot can move.

Target of this project is to define the requirements for our system regarding the detection range, depending on a certain velocity of the robot (also taken into account the response times of the sensor system and safety controller).