10/31/2019 software - manufacturing -



The implementation of human robot collaboration strategies requires several design iterations to reach a tradeoff between productivity and safety.

The risk evaluation process is time consuming & complex. Integrators & end-users could benefit from a risk assessment toolkit that would facilitate the certification of cobots installations.

Capitalizing on the outcomes (developments & proof of concept) of the national private project SEEROB, we intend to provide a Software that helps the optimization of safety strategies (choice of hardware,sensors,safety parameters,cell layout) placing the Human in the center of the design process through virtual & augmented reality technologies.

VERISIM will include Human and robots’ models, feedback from safety standards (COVR Toolkit, ISO/TS 15066 Norm) and a powerful physics engine allowing to estimate impact forces, braking distance & refine the design accordingly. If successful, the project can set the foundations of a new & unified approach to cobots’ certification.