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Case story: COVR tests safety for Enabled Robotics

COVR and the Danish Technological Institute has tested the safety parameters of Enabled Robotics’ mobile robots.

Last chance to win up to €60.000 for safer robots: COVR opens for the third and final round of applications

Last chance to win up to €60.000 for safer robots: COVR opens for the third and final round of applications.

Case story: Cobot Lift gains control over safety "Collaborative robots must be implemented safely in industry"

Cobot Lift, who won an award in COVR's first Open Call, recieved help to find out what requirements the company's robotics lifter must meet in order to call it safe.

The winners of COVR 2nd Open Call are...

The European project COVR opened for applications for the 2nd Open Call from July to October 2019. No less than 82 applicants submitted their projects and of these 22 projects received an Award in January 2020.

8 Reasons why you shouldn’t carry out collision tests with your collaborative robot on your employees

Many manufacturers of collaborative robots feel that trust in robot behavior can be best won through demonstration - so quite a number of videos have appeared on social media demonstrating that risk reduction measures like collision detection, proximity detection etc. work and will prevent humans from serious injury. COVR gives you 8 reasons why you shouldn't carry out collision tests with your collaborative robot on your employees.
11/21/2019 COVR - Open Call - applicants -

The word of COVR is spreading: 82 applicants in 2nd Open Call

From July until October 2019, COVR’s second Open Call attracted no less than 82 applications for third party funding of projects related to cobot safety.

Complex safety certification hinders collaboration between humans and robots

Humans and robots interact and share work spaces to increase companies’ productivity and spare employees for physical burdens and allows them to focus on non-repetitive tasks instead. However, unless safety regulation becomes easy to access, understand and apply, it can become a barrier to the increased deployment of collaborative robots that industries across many domains demand.
7/3/2019 Awards -

Control the safety of your robot colleagues: COVR opens its second round of applications

The European project COVR, will contribute to increasing the safety of people and robots who share work spaces in production spaces around Europe.

The winners have been found: 21 ideas for safe, collaborative robots to be launched

75 applicants submitted proposals related to safe, collaborative robotics in the first application round of the European project COVR. 21 of these ideas were selected to receive an Award which includes funding of up to € 150,000.

New partnership will break down barriers to robot safety

In a pan-European strategic effort to break down barriers around collaborative robot safety, five Research and Technology Organizations across Europe have teamed up in a new initiative funded by the EU called COVR.
2/12/2018 kick off - COVR -

The COVR project has been kicked off

On the 9th and 10th of January the COVR project was initiated at a Kick Off meeting.
1/19/2018 ERF - events -

COVR at European Robotics Forum 2018

COVR will attend the European Robotics Forum 2018 with two workshops.