• Last chance to win up to €60.000 for safer robots: COVR opens for the third and final round of applications


Last chance to win up to €60.000 for safer robots: COVR opens for the third and final round of applications.

Does your company work with safety for cobots or do you want to introduce your collaborative robots in a new domain? 
Up to €60.000 in funding, consultancy, use of test facilities in our safety labs as well as ongoing assessments through safety- and validation-processes. These are some of the things you can expect if winning a COVR Award.

The only requirement is that your company works with one or more safety solutions related to collaborative robot technology. This can be through the use of mobile robots, exoskeletons, rehabilitation robots, collaborative robot arms or any other form of robot that shares workspace with humans.

- The goal with these COVR Awards is to enable companies to resolve their specific challenges within safety. Afterwards it is our job to extract generalizable experiences from the projects and make these accessible for the European robot environment, says Aske Bach Lassen, Project Manager at Danish Technology Institute.

- Thus, making it possible for the different companies working with robots to benefit from each other’s experiences and thereby elevate the overall safety level for collaborative robots, he adds.

Who can apply for a COVR Award and what type of work is eligible for funding?
Any company – public as well as private – can be eligible for an Award whether it originates from the construction-, agriculture- or service industry. Or something completely different. Therefore, COVR encourages all companies to apply for an Award if they work with safety for robots operating closely with people – regardless of industry.

Work eligible for funding includes at least one of the following activities:
- Safety validation of cobot-installations/products
- Development of a new cobot-product focusing on working with safety
- Implementing new cobots in new areas
- Define and validate new methods for testing and new test-protocols for cobots
- Development and benchmarking of new tools and tests of cobot-safety
- Data collection for answering open questions within the field of standardization

Deadline for application is 15. July 2020. You can apply for a COVR Award today and read more about the project here.

What is COVR?
COVR is a European collaboration managed by the Danish Technology Institute. The main focus of the collaboration is robot safety – how do you test/measure/document that your cobot is in compliance with existing safety standards.

The goal is to understand the issues concerning cobot safety in different industries: What challenges are companies facing and are there any gaps in the current legislations? These are the kind of answers we are looking for through the Award projects.

All the collected data contributes to formulating more simple and concerted methods for approval, ensuring that companies across Europe more effectively can develop, produce and install safe cobot solutions in conformity with current safety-guidelines.

The COVR consortium is managed by the Danish Technology Institute and consist also of Italian National Research Council, German Fraunhofer IFF, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission and Dutch Roessingh Research and Development. The project is funded by the EU.